Sulphate Shampoo for Anti Lice Argan Oil Tea Tree For Hair Loss

Our charcoal shampoo bar sorts out oily hair problems by washing away grease and managing oil production. Fruity juniper berry oil clarifies oily, congested scalps, while lemon and lime make your hair clean and shiny and give it an extra fresh scent. The incredible herbal duo of soothing lavender and cleansing rosemary calm and stimulate the scalp, because healthy hair comes from a healthy scalp.

Product Details

Shampoo bar cruelty free anti lice argan oil tea tree for hair loss 

Product Introduction:
These mighty bars are concentrated pucks of shampoo that can outlast two to three bottles of the liquid stuff: one bar will last up to 80 washes! They're also packed full of essential oils and fresh ingredients so you'll have gorgeous hair every time. When stress or life goes to your head and your hair starts thinning, motivate your tired scalp with stimulating clove and cinnamon oils and a peppermint infusion. This spicy bar also has rosemary and nettles to soothe irritated scalps and make your hair shiny and soft. With cruelty free, our bestselling New encourages everyone to join the conversation about ending animal testing once and for all.

Product Parameter:

Product Name

Shampoo bar cruelty free anti lice argan oil tea tree for hair loss


Saponified coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, soybean oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, rice bran oil, Texas raw honey, high-quality phthalate-free fragrance oil


hair loss shampoo, anti-lice shampoo, tea tree shampoo


faint scent, tea tree




Custom available


refreshing, thickening hair regrowth, bright, repair hair cuticle, shampoo argan oil

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4-7 days

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10 days after payment 

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L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union




Private Label Available

place of origin

Guangdong, China

Are you part of the "no poo" crew? Store bought shampoos strip your hair of their natural moisture and oil. This shampoo bar cleans your hair, while leaving what Mother Nature intended. You'll notice your hair feels clean, and will stay cleaner longer (not get greasy as quickly) with this bar, allowing you to put more space in between your shampoos! We admit, it does take a little getting used to, but then there is no going back! This bar is scented with invigorating, fresh lemon verbena.

Product Feature and Application:
To use: Wet shampoo bar and lather into hair for a creamy luscious wash. Follow with a white vinegar rinse, or your favorite conditioner.
Color safe: Hoping to keep your color vibrant? This gentle wash is just the thing.
Guar gum? This unique ingredient helps the hair's cuticle to lie flat, keeping it soft and glossy.
A little lather: Instead of rich foam, expect a fine, creamy lather from this fruity slice.

Production Details:
For many years now, the delicate herbal blends in our shampoo bars have been caring for hair and scalps all over the globe. And to the delight of our customers, we're constantly innovating on these creations. For example, shampoo bars like Jason And The Argan Oil and Brazilliant have been formulated with a lower percentage of SLS, the foaming agent that cleans hair but can be drying. These new recipes are made with increased amounts of gentle, moisturizing ingredients like agar agar seaweed gel, vegetable-based glycerin and jojoba oil, and make use of whole, fresh ingredients like organic oranges, olives and lemons for their nutritious properties and beneficial effects on the hair.


Q:What is the delivery time?
A: Within 15 working days normally, detail delivery date should be decided according to production season and order quantity.
Q: How can I get some samples?
A: If you are interested in our products, we are pleased to offer you some free samples for you test.
Q: Can we customize product? 
A:YES.OEM&ODM welcome.


Latest News

What makes a shampoo bar a solid choice?

Taking something that's traditionally a liquid into a solid, like we've done with shampoo bars, results in huge benefits for both the environment and the customer.
Our solid shampoos have entirely eliminated the need for plastic bottles to store or distribute a liquid product, reducing their environmental impact enormously and saving tons of plastic from ever being produced or entering landfills. In fact, because they're solid and self-contained, our shampoo bars don't require any packaging at all, and we take pride in selling them naked, without a stitch of wrapping.
These mighty bars may be small, but they've got an impressive lathering ability that makes them incredibly long-lasting. Most people only need two to three strokes across their wet hair to get a rich foam going, so each bar lasts about 80 washes—that's the equivalent of two or three 8 fl oz bottles of liquid shampoo!
Their natural spill-proof nature makes shampoo bars convenient for toting to the gym or throwing in your carry-on bag. And because they're so compact, you'll have even more space in your bag than you bargained for.