Best Homemade Face Scrub for Dry Oily Skin Face Exfoliator Exfoliating Scrub

We are able to ensure exfoliating scrub quality by owning the entire process, from grinding high-grade steel to directly shipping our products to you. That means we can continually innovate to make your skin care product market even better.

Product Details

Best Homemade Face Scrub for Dry Oily Skin Face Exfoliator Exfoliating Scrub

In our factory we believe the most effective ingredients for your beauty come from Mother Nature. And that's where it all begins with sourcing quality ingredient. That's why we have spent plenty of our time looking for the best nature has to offer. For our products we get the highest quality pure components from Australia, New Zealand, Germany, India, Norway, USA, Kuwait, France, Arab Emirates and, of course, Bali, to make the best for your skin!
We source only the PURE including cold-pressed, solvent free oils, essential oils and 100% natural botanical extracts which are of the highest grade. 


Product Name

homemade face scrub for dry oily skin face exfoliator exfoliating scrub


Brown, White


Uniform emulsification of fine particles


Face, body


Whitening, Deep cleansing, Moisturizing, exfoliate, face scrub for oily skin

Main Ingredients

Glycerol, Purslane Extract, Aloe Vera Extract




100g, 150g

Shelf life

3 years

Suitable skin

All skin type

Recommend use

Twice a week

Sample sending time

7 days

Lead time

25 days

Shipping way

By sea, by air, by express


Paypal, T/T, Western Union, Trade assurance



Hydrolyzed Rice Extract
Gentle soften the old horny, clean the skin, shiny skin color, make the skin crystal soft and tender


Citrus Junos Fruit Extract
Clean facial dirt and excess oil, moisturizing rejuvenation, help improve skin dryness, make skin smooth and supple


Aloe Vera Extract
Contains rich water to help improve skin water problems, make the skin full of supple


Purslane Extract
Mainly used for anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammation of the skin against the outside world, as well as acne function


Activated carbon
Contains the best natural ingredients to help skin to prevent outbreaks for adults with mild acne. Effectively absorbs, toxins,impurities and their harmful substances from you skin.


Promote cell regeneration, accelerate wound healing, oily and acne skin, conditioning all skin care,On the scars have desalination treatment. Can reduce stress, reduce melancholy anxiety, insomnia, physical and mental Shu Song.


With the use of biodegradable gentle scrubbing jojoba beads
Revive your skin through the use of the scrub that creates a suppleness and softeness to your beautiful face.
Through the use of the jojoba beads we are able to create a winning formula that re-surfaces and refreshes the skin.

Product Image:



Squeeze small amount of homemade face scrub onto fingertips.
Massage over damp face.
Rinse thoroughly.


Before and after:


After using, the skin more soothing, brightening, the blackheads was wiped out.

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