Cat Eye Gel Nail Polish Magic Candy Foil Gel Organic Nail Mood Nail Ice Cream Gel

Organic nail polish is healthy, environmental friendly, no poisonous, pungent chemical materials used. Warm Tips: Please follow the professional usage
Steps strictly, so you can get shiny and better cat eye. On like polish, wears like gel, off in minutes, At least 2-3 weeks high gloss wear Mirror finish. No nicks, chips or smudges amazing cat's eye effect and color-changing from different viewing angles.

Product Details

Cat eye gel nail polish magic candy foil gel organic nail mood nail Ice cream gel

1.Product introduction of the cat eye gel nail polish

Mood nail polish set requires drying under LED lamp or UV lamp. Healthy ingredient gel nail polish, low smell, no chip, mirror effect, gloss finish. The nail polish set is gel polish, long lasting nail varnish set. Ice cream gel polish, Wears like Gel, Off in minutes. Suitable for all nails, gel nails, False nails, acrylic nail tips, fake nails, hair skin nails, etc. This nail polish kit is ideal for professional salon beauty shop or at home personal use.
Cat Eye Top Coat Effect - using this special magical fantastic top coat get CAT EYE 3D EFFECT on any color. HEALTHY AND ECO-FRIENDLY Gel Nail Polish is made of NON-TOXIC and HARMLESS Resin, High quality gel with low smell, good tenacity. So choose us, you have chosen the health.

2.Product Parameter(Specification) of the cat eye gel nail polish

Product name

cat eye gel nail polish magic candy foil gel organic nail mood nail  Ice cream gel




gel nail polish


Epoxy acrylate resin and Brightener

Products G.W




soak off

soak off easily


multi Colored



3.Product Feature And Application of the cat eye gel nail polish


1. Not file the nail slightly. if you want the polish last longer, the first step is important, file the nail and keep them dry.
2. May be your base and top coat are not good quality. Our brand base and top coat will be better, it is our customers feedback to us, if wear our polish, it is better to combine our brand base and top.
3. Base and top wear too thick or in homogeneous then it will peels easily. Any problem please feel free to contact us, we will try our best to help you.

Long Lasting, High Gloss Beauty: Lasting for at least 2-3 weeks. End of redoing from scratch. No more imperfect surface dents or nails cut. No grinding. No filing. No drying time after application: curing with UV gel. Mirror Finish.


4.Product details of the cat eye gel nail polish


5.Product Qualification of the cat eye gel nail polish

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6.Shipping And Serving of the cat eye gel nail polish


1.Q:Are the colours true to the pictures?
A:Yes, they are.
2.Q:What is the hottest selling point?
A:Magic candy foil gel nail polish
3.Q: Can it be touched up in between the two weeks or does it ruin the manicure?
A:I touch the nails up but the manicure if done according to the guidelines should last a week.
4.Q:How long can I receive my sample?
A:Free sample will be sent, 3-7 working days with express.

8.Latest News
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