Natural Face Daily Moisturizer for Dry Oily Skin

"Moisture is the essence of wetness, and moisture is the essence of beauty." Moisturizer helps your skin defense against old signs, helps balance skin tone, and replenish vitamins to restore optimal hydration, promoting soft, nourishing skin. Over the years, we have been working on the sale of product, developing the best product that covers most markets in Europe and America. We look forward to becoming your long-term partner in China.

Product Details

Moisturizer natural face daily foe dry oily skin

Product Introduction:
This product is suitable for sensitive and oily skin types, oil-free formula including broad spectrum SPF 15, vitamin C + E, they can lock water for 24 hours, immediate help strengthen the skin barrier and prevent moisture loss. Over time, they make the skin look healthier and feel stronger.
For many years, our factory has been dedicated to the sales of products, developing the best products covering most of Europe and America, providing the best service and focusing on product quality is our goal. We look forward to becoming your long-term partner in China.

Product Parameter:

product name

best hydrating face moisturizer for sensitive skin

Main ingredients

Hyaluronic acid (hyaluronic acid), glycerol, amino acid, collagen, provitamin B5, AHA, vitamin, Natural extract


Face, cosmetics, skin care product


Moisturizing, aging, hydrating, oil balance




Cream, lotion, Milky white

skin type

Suitable for any type of skin,


Seaside, mountain climbing, outdoor, travel etc

Parts of the




Payment Term

L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union

Order Lead Time

10 days after payment 

Sample lead time

4-7 days


Private Label Available

place of origin

Guangdong, China

Product Feature And Application:

Product Efficacy:
A rich Natural extract helps balance skin tone, It has a lasting moisturizing effect.
Helps strengthen your skin's defense system against visible signs of aging.
Additional vitamins designed to restore optimal hydration and promote softer, supple-looking skin.

How to use:
1: clean your face
2: take out the appropriate moisturizing lotion, apply it evenly on the face, and massage the face back and forth to absorb the moisturizer

Tips for applying face cream:
1. To avoid fat, choose products with soft touch.Apply a bit of trial first, the skin still feels dry, increase usage.
2. Do not put the leftover face cream into the bottle.After each use, use a paper towel to rub the cream on the top of the bottle, to avoid the surface frost

About the product:
We can customize the sale: EYE MAKEUP、LIP MAKEUP、Face mask、Face Serum、Face CLEANSER、MOISTURISER、SUNSCREEN、nail polish、Hair STYLING PRODUCT、SHAMPOO、Hair CONDITIONER、Hair oil、beard oil、bath bomb、bath salt
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Q: I am an international customer. Will you pay my duties and taxes?
A: I am sorry that you have to pay taxes on what you buy from us. We wish we could help with those, but we can not cover import duties or taxes on your purchases AND keep our prices low at the same time.  Please don't tell us about the "other site" that pays those for you. Look at their prices!  Clearly you paid them yourselves in their insanely inflated prices!  We're just sayin....

Q: Difference between emulsion and face cream?
1. The difference between emulsion and face cream is not easy to distinguish from the outside. The emulsion is liquid emulsion, and the cream may be cream, cream, or gel.
2, the difference between emulsion and face cream is more tactile, the emulsion is thinner and clearer, the touch feels more relaxed, while the face cream is heavier and more viscous and exquisite.
3. The moisturizing and durability of the cream are better than the cream, which is a better point for the difference between emulsion and face cream.
4, finally, use emulsion suitable for spring, summer, autumn season, and creams generally used in late autumn and winter unusually dry cold season, if your skin is very dry, use the lotion with cream in the winter.

Latest News:

If you don't try hard, you will get old!The skin and body of a 25-year-old girl

In junior high school, you started to discuss with your friends the brand of facial cleanser.In high school, you and your friends will start buying open skin care products.When you're in college, you're going to buy some closet brand lipstick or toning water with your best friend.And you've been in society for about two years?Originally your friend has secretly begun to do HIFU, play hyaluronic acid!The United Nations also defines young people under the age of 25, who are about to "go through the door" or "go through the door". Check yourself on the number of the following police Numbers!

1: Begin to appear color spots
The sun is always the woman's greatest enemy!Ultraviolet light in the sun can cause excessive free radicals in the body, speeding up the aging of the skin, although there are antioxidants to deal with the nasty free radicals.But the older you get, the less antioxidant power you have!When you find that you are more prone to color spots than before, this is the first alarm!What you can do at this stage in addition to eating a large amount of antioxidant-rich food from the inside, you need to apply sunscreen every day!

2: The pigment is easy to settle
When you find that your face becomes darker and darker, the impression of acne is more difficult to fade than before, even turning into spots, you'll be ready for it!Melanin is produced at the bottom of the epidermis, and when the melanin is transferred to the epidermis, it can be seen.If the metabolism is good, melanin is broken down in the process of transmission, but when you find that the pigment becomes easy to deposit, that means your metabolism is poor!

3: Begin to show fine lines
After the age of 25, the loss of collagen in the skin speeds up, and the eye week is prone to fine lines and dark sinking.You should not only deal with dark circles, but also look after the eye texture.

4: Your cheeks start to relax
When you're 25 years old, your face is easily lost, and the lack of water and collagen is of course the skin that's drooping, and it's hard to hold the apple muscle.

5: My back hurts you too
Office worker less chance to exercise, spine, bones, joints, muscles, used by mistake and lack of maintenance for a long time, once upon a time not to waist ridge as one thing, but you start to hear back until the age of 25.