Chinese government has cosmetics quality requirements?

- May 05, 2018-


High degree of safety

Cosmetics are everyday items, so its safety ranks first. Face serum are different from topical medicines. Even if topical medicines have some temporary side effects, these side effects will disappear once you stop using them. However, cosmetics are used for a long time and stay on the skin, hair, etc. for a long time. Therefore, cosmetics should not have any Health-related adverse or harmful effects. In the raw material phase, strict requirements are placed on the safety of cosmetics.


Relative stability

The requirement for cosmetic stability means that the cosmetic colloidal chemistry and microbiological survival can maintain long-term stability and its aroma within a period of time (in the shelf life) during its storage and use, even in a hot or cold climate. No change in color or shape. Because cosmetics are mostly colloidal dispersion systems, the system always has the tendency of dispersion and aggregation. Although there are emulsion stabilizers in the system, it is essentially a thermodynamically unstable system, that is, the colloidal system can only obtain temporary stability. Therefore, the stability of cosmetics is relative. For general cosmetics, it is required to have a stable period of 2 to 3 years instead of permanent stability.


Use comfort

Another characteristic of cosmetics is that it must be made pleasant for people to use, not only color and fragrance, but also must have a sense of comfort, it requires that the degree of integration with the skin, moisture and lubrication should be suitable. It should also be easy to use, ie suitable in shape, size, weight, structure, functionality and portability. Cosmetic cosmetics emphasize aesthetic touches, while aromatic products give overall comfort.


Has a certain degree of efficacy

The object of use of cosmetics is humans, whose effectiveness depends mainly on the effect of the active ingredients therein and the matrix constituting the formulation body. Cosmetics not only have a gentle effect, but also help maintain the normal physiological functions and radiant effects of the skin. Functional cosmetics are based on different functions, respectively, with moisturizing, anti-UV, whitening effect.