Choose your essence wisely

- Mar 20, 2019-

The importance of essences

The essence contains a large number of trace elements, including serum and collagen, which have significant effects in anti-aging, wrinkle removal, moisturizing and whitening. Because the element of elite fluid is small again, have strong and powerful permeate penetrates a gender, can provide more condense nutrition to the skin depth. High concentration of nutrients can go deep into the skin to improve the state of the skin, so the use of essential skin care effect will be twice the result with half the effort. Choose to suit oneself elite fluid to recommend a product, often can bring the surprise that expects is less than.


Choose the essence according to your own skin

See from the homework that before elite fluid recommends, receive the first business that elite fluid recommends is to want to clear oneself skin condition. Everyone's skin problems and age groups are different. Only by analyzing your own needs can you make the right choice.

The skin problem with common commonly is as follows: skin is coarse, the pore is bulky, black head is horizontal unripe, fine grain is free, the skin is a dry wait. Together with skin type divides again roughly dry sex, oily sex, mix sex these 3 kinds big. The common problem with oily skin is that the imbalance of water and oil causes enlarged pores, clogged hair follicles, and breakouts. The common problem with dry skin is rough, fine lines. Mixed-sex skin is the most special, the slant is dry or slant oil can cause partial skin dry flaky, partial skin fat pore is bulky. Still, have the skin of partial small fairy is sensitive, to the majority protects skin to taste not be able to bear. In the process of selecting the recommended essence, it is necessary to have a clear idea of your skin condition before you can get to the right point.


How reasonable to recommend refined liquid

1: do not blindly follow the trend of grass hot single product, suitable for others may not be suitable for themselves.

2: know your needs, do your homework online, know the ingredients and benefits, and then choose.

3: for sensitive muscle, it is recommended to try it at the counter first, to ensure that you will not be allergic to this product, and will not increase the burden on your skin.

There is a variety of pollution in the living environment will lead to skin problems, with the change of age will also have a variety of skin problems. The recommendation of rational face serum is only a small part of the process of rational skin care. It is suggested to obtain skin care ideas and products from other channels in the future, so as to prepare for the defense of skin at all times.