Color selection of eyeshadow

- Aug 23, 2017-

1. Color of eye shadow is divided by color, can be divided into a color system, no color system and metal color. can also be divided into cold colors and warm colors.

2. Color eyeshadow is usually used for make-up, makeup, exaggerated makeup.

3. No color system of black, white, different shades of gray, with Brown, golden brown, etc. will be used in life makeup, and professional white-collar makeup face.

4. Cold color is generally suitable for people with white skin, warm color for the skin is dark, but also suitable for people with white skin.

5. If we want to make life makeup, nude makeup, professional white-collar makeup, such as lighter natural makeup, the best use of color is brown, earth color, and gold and brown, if it is to be more gaudy makeup face, it is advisable to have a color system inside the purple, blue, green and so on.