Do you know how to take a bath

- Dec 17, 2018-

Do you know how to take a bath

Choose bath salts according to your skin type

When choosing bath salt above all, had better try to differentiate according to oneself skin character and constitution for instance when choosing the bath salt that contains the bath salt that the element such as essential oil of vitamin-mineral substance adds, should choose grain finer kind easily sensitive skin;Neutral oily skin is suitable for products containing grape oil, citrus, and lemon. Dry skin is best suited to products containing rose essential oil.

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For oily skin, simply mix bath salt and water. If you feel uncomfortable, you should get up slowly and go to a warm and ventilated place to rest. People with high blood pressure and poor heart function should not take a bath for too long. The water temperature should not be too high. Patients with hypotension should not use bath salts containing lavender.


Natural deep-sea bath salt is a kind of bath salt that contains a variety of microelement, have more natural curative effect, can be used at wash a face bath sufficient, still can reduce weight the person that wants to contract pore had better use this kind.


The person that back grows whelk easily can use special massage bath salt to clean weekly, when using nevertheless, do not want too hard;If you want to exfoliate, you can also use this type of bath salt, but it's best to flush your body with cold water.


When bubble bath with bath salt, the dosage of average adult is 70 grams, child 50 grams, time had better control is in bubble bath process inside 15 30 minutes, still can use brine to follow first elbow ministry, hind big crus, the order that carries pectoral abdomen back massages whole body, bubble in water next a short while, rinse with clear water finally, wipe on protect skin milk.

What effect does bath salt bubble bath have.

Bath salt bubble bath can kill bacteria and reduce inflammation.

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Bath salt has bactericidal the action that reduces inflammation, when bathing with bath salt bubble, the bacterium that adheres to on the skin can be eliminated, inflammation of a few skins also can get through this method alleviate often use bath salt bubble bath, can let the skin maintain a healthy state, avoid the bacterium outside to cause harm to the skin.

Salt baths remove dirt.

When bubble bath, the bath salt that still had not to melt scops up wipe gently knead on the skin, can have the effect that goes corneous, the old waste cutin that can go up to the skin and dead skin are cleared, let the skin maintain clean and smooth when using bath salt, also want to notice to hand over the ground and the place such as heel can be massaged appropriately.

Bath salt bubble bath can whiten freckles.


Bath salt contains a variety of nutrition material, still have a lot of microelement, often use bath salt bubble bath to be able to eliminate the melanin inside the skin, desalinate even the chromatic spot on purify the skin thereby, still can let the skin more and more fair-skinned smooth the person that does not have chromatic spot USES bath salt bubble bath, also can prevent chromatic spot to come into being early.

Bathing in salt relieves stress.

When using bath salt bubble bath, can promote haemal circulation, cooperate the aroma that goes up bath salt to be able to let a person loosen body and mind, the fatigue that lets a day can get release, gloomy mood also can sweep away after using the bath salt bubble bath, go to sleep directly still can improve Morpheus quality.