Does the face serum have a shelf life?

- Apr 29, 2018-

Cold knowledge: Does the perfume have a shelf life?

The composition of the perfume is very simple, and 80% or even more of it is alcohol, and in addition to some extracts, it is also the essence, pigment. When you think about it, whether the liquor in the house is more mellow, the Ganoderma lucidum, ginseng, and velvet in the jar are on your face. It is irresponsible to say that the perfume itself can be stored for a long time. Only volatile, will not degenerate. The taste changes due to changes in the concentration of alcohol after volatilization.

The reason why the perfume packaging will be written on the shelf life, three years, five years, it is because of the state regulations, cosmetics must have shelf life, and perfume is a cosmetic, so it must be the target, understand?

Cold knowledge II: eye shadow and blush, you can change it? Can you wipe your body's cream? No! Hit the blackboard!

Any product that involves the eyes and eyes will be given an “eye irritation test” when it comes to product safety testing.

This test is to dilute the cosmetics, drops in the eyes of mice or rabbits, and observe them at different concentrations for 21 days to determine the consequences of this product once it enters the eye.

Cold knowledge of three: Why do I use this cosmetic allergies?

The issue of allergies is not a problem of cosmetic ingredients per se. It is due to differences in the individual's skin, and the degree of adaptation of the skin's pH and the thickness of the epidermis.

Before going on the market, cosmetics must go through the city's disease control test. Together with a series of documents and safety explanatory materials, they should be sent to the State Food and Drug Administration for record. Experts will meet and discuss whether your ingredients are safe or not. First use.

The state has strict requirements on the composition and content of cosmetics. Responsible to tell you that the country has tested for you, ingredient formula is no problem, allergies are problems with your face, this product is too exciting for you, too much moisture, do not use.

Cold knowledge 4: Global synchronization is a flicker.

There is a strict filing process for imported cosmetics. This process will generally take 3 months to 1 year. Other countries do not have such a tedious process. Some problems can be solved within half a month. Then the question arises. Which company's marketing department and product research and development will bring foreign markets not to sell will wait for you to register after one year in China. Come out and I will sell it. This is also a protection for Chinese consumers from doing foreign experiments for foreign companies.