EGF + Hyaluronic Acid serum epidermal growth factor

- May 06, 2018-

EGF,  an active substance in the human body. Live cells consisting of 53 amino acids are stimulated by tyrosine phosphorylation of the epidermal growth factor receptor to repair the superficial cells of the proliferating skin. Injured, damaged epidermis has excellent efficacy. Its greatest feature is its ability to promote the proliferation and differentiation of cells, thereby replacing aging and dead cells with new cells. EGF can also stop bleeding, and has the effect of accelerating wound healing of skin and mucous membranes, anti-inflammatory analgesia, and prevention of ulcers. EGF stability can be Excellent, it is not easy to lose flow under normal temperature, and can form a good coordination effect with various enzymes in the human body. The original EGF was mainly used in the medical field and was mainly used to promote the repair and regeneration of damaged epidermis, such as the treatment of burns, burns and so on.


Beautiful factor

In infants and young children, EGF content in the skin is rich, and the promotion of epidermal cell division and proliferation is great. The proportion of new cells in the skin is far greater than the proportion of dead cells in aging. Therefore, the skin is smooth, delicate, ruddy, plump and elastic; with the growth of age, the expression of human growth genes gradually weakens, the content of EGF in the skin gradually decreases, and the promotion of epidermal cell division and proliferation is gradually reduced, in the skin The total number of cells is gradually reduced, and the proportion of new cells is gradually lower than that of senescent cells. Collagen and hyaluronic acid and other biological macromolecules are gradually reduced, so the quality of the skin is declining, and there are gradually aging phenomena such as pigmentation, wrinkles, dryness, and loss of elasticity. Therefore, the amount of EGF in human skin directly determines the degree of skin's youth, so the scientific community also regarded EGF as "beautiful factor".


EGF history

In daily life, we can often see some cats, dogs, rats and other animals injured, will instinctively continue to use the tongue to cut the wound, so that the wound healed. Why is this? This instinctive phenomenon of animals has attracted the attention of scientists. American scientists Cohen and Montalcine have been working on growth factors for many years. In 1962, they discovered an active ingredient in the mouse's jaws and small glands, which can encourage newborn mice to open and raise their teeth. They added this active ingredient to the cultured skin and found that it can promote the growth of epidermal cells. Later, Dr. Cohen extracted this composition from human placenta and urine. It can increase the growth rate of human skin cells. The amount of its content directly affects the number of new skin cell growth and reproduction, and thus determines the young skin. Degree, and to prove that the animal and human body of this component homology is about 70%, the scientific community will name this component "epidermal cell growth factor", referred to as EGF. Dr. Cohen became the recipient of the 1986 Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine for his research on EGF. The Nobel Prize jury gave a high evaluation of this achievement, saying that this achievement “opened a new field of great importance for the research of life science!” EGF’s discovery is that the human’s dream of impairing skin aging becomes a reality. , is the desire of aging skin to become younger becomes possible.


EGF efficient repair

Each growth factor actively binds to specific receptors on the cell membrane in the vicinity of the wound, thereby activating proteases, accelerating protein synthesis, promoting the growth of fibroblasts, promoting the healing of skin and mucous membrane wounds, and supporting scar contraction and abnormal skin hyperplasia. Efficient repair of wounds.

Applied to all kinds of skin tissue damage, removes acne, acne, small defect after debridement, peeling after skin rejuvenation, redness, and skin acid burn caused by the use of acid, etc., and repair of epidermal damage after grinding. Effect.

EGF can promote the proliferation and differentiation of epidermal cells, so that dying and dead cells can be replenished in time, so that the damaged epidermis can be instantly repaired. It can be used to adjust various skin types such as skin rejuvenation, fading redness and telangiectasia, and improve thin skin. Rough, scarred and other undesirable conditions make the skin smooth and smooth.


EGF anti-aging

EGF can promote the growth and division of epidermal cells, keratinocytes, fibroblasts and other cells, accelerate metabolism, and increase the activity of epidermal cells, so that the cells can maintain the quality and quantity, and the skin wrinkles disappear, showing tightness. Solid, soft, smooth and full of healthy beauty.

* Promote cell metabolism (anti-aging): EGF can promote cell proliferation and differentiation.

* EGF can reverse the differentiation of mature cells into "stem cell islands" while suppressing the expression of aging genes.

* EGF fundamentally changes the structure of skin cells, reduces the average age of skin cells, and makes skin smooth and beautiful.


EGF eliminates wrinkles

Promote the metabolism, proliferation and growth of fibroblasts, epidermal cells, promote the development of elastin fibers and enhance their functions, activate the regeneration of aging cells, accelerate the metabolism and renewal of cells, rapidly metabolize aging keratin, and repair ruptured superficial epidermal fibroblasts To eliminate wrinkles.

* Promote the proliferation of fibroblasts in the dermal layer through the active factors such as EGF, and repair the aging collagen fibers and elastic fibers;

* More synthesis and secretion of collagen, hyaluronic acid and other macromolecules;

* Improve skin microcirculation, provide a good nutrition environment, maintain a certain amount of skin fat, restore skin elasticity, make it even and firm, reduce wrinkles.


EGF fades spots

For darker skin and all types of skin pigmentation, EGF can replace senescent cells by promoting new cells to reduce the content of melanin and colored cells in the skin; and can increase blood flow to the skin and improve skin microcirculation, which is an epidermal cell Provide a good nutrition environment, prevent the deposition of metabolites, effectively improve the skin color, make the darker skin and all kinds of pigmentation of the skin fair and perfect, uniform and beautiful.

* Pigmentation on darker skin and various types of skin, accelerate cell proliferation, promote the distribution of subcutaneous capillary network, promote blood circulation, accelerate the excretion of skin melanin, effectively reduce the deposition of melanin, and play a role in whitening and blemish.


EGF Moisturizing

* EGF can promote the synthesis and secretion of macromolecules such as extracellular hyaluronic acid and glycoproteins, enhance the hydrophilicity of the skin, and maintain the moisture in the skin.

* EGF can improve the microcirculation of the skin, make the blood smooth, prevent deposition of metabolites, and make the skin nutritious.

* Maintains moisture in the dermis; skin returns to health, moisture retention in the epidermis increases, leaving skin moisturized and radiant.

* EGF can improve skin microcirculation, provide a good nutritional environment, maintain a certain amount of skin fat, restore skin elasticity, make it even and firm, reduce wrinkles.


EGF security

EGF is extremely safe because it is a biological factor that the body itself can produce and consists of 53 amino acids.

At a young age, the body itself can produce enough EGF to promote the growth of epidermal cells, but as the age declines, the production of EGF gradually decreases, so the regeneration rate of epidermal cells becomes slower and slower.

It is EGF that is an integral part of the human body and therefore has no toxic or side effects and is very safe. With EGF skin care, safety is a superior advantage over some other anti-wrinkle methods.

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The main ingredients:

EGF growth factor, hyaluronic acid


The use of cell repair technology, mainly to repair the epidermis, cell activation function. Improve skin's growth environment and brighten skin tone. Promote collagen synthesis, increase skin moisture and elasticity, make skin healthier, and have excellent curative effect on injured and damaged skin. Promote cell differentiation so that new cells replace aging cells.

The main effect:

1. The use of cell repair technology, mainly to repair the epidermis, cell activation

2. Soothes and soothes fragile skin, improves skin growth, and brightens skin tone

3. Promote skin collagen synthesis, increase skin moisture and elasticity, make skin healthier.


After cleansing and toning in the morning and evening, apply an appropriate amount to the face to gently massage it.

Applicable packaging materials:

Glass bottles, acrylic