Eye Shadow Use Precautions

- Aug 23, 2017-

1. Under normal circumstances, the pearlescent eye shadow can not use too much, and the scope is too wide, otherwise it will make the face looks old-fashioned, the other side will make the makeup face too flash, now more popular nude makeup.

2. The halo of eye shadow should have a gradual process, can not be the same color, this will make the face of the makeup is thick, and also make the face no three-dimensional.

3. People with single eyelids can use darker colors and accentuate eye shadow color during the process to make the eyes look bigger and more visible.

4. When using the step-by-step method of make-up, note that the first color and the second color of the interface too natural, there can be no obvious depth line.

5. When the eye shadow, use the lead beauty brush operation, do not use fingers or sponge eye shadow, so come out of the makeup surface is very unnatural, also very thick, uneven, suddenly big and small, to everyone to do a universal, with a brush to draw eyeshadow more evenly adhere, to avoid heavy unnatural.