Face serum OEM process

- May 11, 2018-

When choosing cosmetic OEMs, it is necessary to minimize costs and comply with the concepts of conservation, environmental protection and reusability advocated by the contemporary society.

Product design should pay attention to the convenience of portability and details of design, to meet the consumer's psychology, in line with the consumer's aesthetic, so as to give the product extra points.

In fact, the cosmetics company that chooses OEM must consider at least from the following aspects.

1. Product quality, which will affect whether or not you can provoke a lawsuit and the brand can grow up healthily;

2. Management level, which will save you a lot of time and effort. The superior management level will allow you to deliver much earlier;

3. The production scale, often the larger the manufacturer, the more price-making ability;

4. Market feedback, whether the product is recognized by the market and can be realized after production.

Provide a comprehensive, three-dimensional processing, marketing, education, training service program, allowing you to achieve a greater cosmetics business from a higher starting point, so that you truly feel that Fu Da biological is your trusted OEM cooperation partner.

First, brand promotion services:

1. When you are doing branding or product promotion and conference, you can ask experts from the Life Sciences Academy of Peking University to give guidance on the spot;

2. Your customers or agents need to participate in the factory. Our company can fully cooperate with your local professional planning and reception.

3. If you are the first time to be a company, product, and brand, our company can assist in providing one-stop services throughout the process.

Second, product service:

1, own-brand processing: just provide brand information, they quickly have exclusive brand products;

2. Sample processing by imitation: You only need to provide a model and easily have the same international big name as the formula product;

3, the wholesale supply of semi-finished products: If you have a special channel, or its own filling and packing capacity, it is more convenient and more flexible and easier to complete the product;

4. If you have high-quality raw materials developed by yourself and want to create your own unique products, our company can accept your raw materials, allocate special formulas for you, or assist in using your raw materials for production;

5. If you are an instrument company, we can provide a large number of instrument matching products to maximize the effect of the instrument;

6, if you are plastic surgery hospital, we can provide a large number of surgical related products;

Third, the five major sales channel services:

1. Professional line---Provide high-end products that have a large number of strong effects, fast effects, and enhance the effect of instruments and techniques;

2. Day line --- complete quality inspection system, allowing you to worry about the safety of products, a strong production capacity, to meet your distribution at any time around the goods, to accept the processing, you can guarantee that your own original product is the same;

3. e-commerce - If you are electricity supplier, more than 1W of mature formula for you to choose with, you can constantly update your product to ensure the brand's vitality;

OEM's advantage: product quality you decide, the price is low to burst!