How do you use vitamin C on your face

- Jul 06, 2019-

How do you use vitamin C on your face?

It is essential to remember that not all formulations of vitamin C are produced equal when choosing a topical vitamin C. Vitamin C antioxidants must be formulated with pure vitamin C (l-ascorbic acid), elevated concentration (10-20%) and acid pH (less than 3.5 pH) to guarantee optimum absorption and effectiveness.


Our serum and serum-gel forms of vitamin C antioxidants are accessible to satisfy the requirements of all skin types and issues. For your particular skin requirements, your skin care professional can suggest the perfect formulation of vitamin C.


The best way to apply vitamin C serums in the morning to a dry, smooth face is to use a light tapping movement and blend until consumed. It is also possible to apply our formulas to the neck, chest and back of the hands. Always combine your vitamin C serum with a wide spectrum sunscreen for the most extensive environmental harm protection.