How to bubble bath so simple thing, bubble gives advanced feeling?

- Dec 18, 2018-

Reasons to love baths

When the body is immersed in lukewarm hot water, haemal circulation and lymphatic circulation can be an active rise, accelerate the metabolism inside the body, achieve reduce weight result thereby.


Elimination of toxins, beauty, and beauty

Low winter temperatures, the metabolism of the body is slow, it's easy to no spirit Combined with delayed in sport at ordinary times, no chance of sweating, accumulation of toxins from the body, causing swelling Color of skin dark heavy wait for a problem For lazy people, comfortable soak in a hot tub, you can make the toxin inside body with sweat out of the body, beauty to raise color, that's too easy.


Relax and relieve fatigue

Experts through the human body blood flow variation found that only by making the body warm, and exclude certain sweat, take a shower to shower to help relieve fatigue relax while saving time, but will only produce stimulation to the skin surface, muscles and internal organs are not heated, can make the body is in a state of tension as a result, better bubble bath before going to sleep, relax the body and more help to sleep.

Since bubble bath has so many benefits, how can you let bubble bath produce maximum energy? You need to be prepared to feel superior and happy.


Bath bomb

The bath salt ball that resembles effervescent piece is same, put in water can dissolve quickly, when dissolving, won't produce a bubble, what replace is the beautiful scenery in a bath crock, suit bubble bath very much come to loosen body and mind

A bubble bath

Want to bubble bath bubble dream, that is about to use it to bubble bath broke into the outlet of the bath or shower, water impact directly, can produce rich and smooth foam, foam mixing of different colors, not to mention much dream, absolute can meet your heart girl, of course, different bath will contain different efficacy of essential oils, it is good to choose according to his be fond of

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Bath salt

Bath salt has the effect that cleanness skin not only, the composition that contains a lot of inside also can alleviate inflammation of skin of a few skin to put hot water of a pool, pour bath salt to stir to be able to begin to enjoy bubble bath time, still can take advantage of it not to melt completely when, take massage skin, purify corneous.

Bath Oil

When it comes to oil, a lot of people are not used to use bath oil actually generally fall into two kinds, one kind is clean with bath oil, it has the effect of the bath milk and essential oils, in clean and nourish skin, very suitable for use in dry winter, another is soothing bath oil is a traditional bubble bath with essential oil, but some more advanced, the inside of the formula after the deployment of professional, can drop into the water in the bath, relieve physical and mental, let the mood relax after bath aroma are also more persistent, with wonderful flavor to sleep, should be able to do a sweet dream.

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scented candle

Want to promote the little emotional appeal when bubble bath, how little-scented candle? When the warm candlelight and fragrance filled the bathroom, the bath time becomes very comfortable! Of course, choose sweet scented candle also is to have exquisite, want to choose the candlestick that agrees with a style of design of oneself bathroom as far as possible, fragrance had better be to have the slow effect, maximize build comfortable feeling, loosen body and mind

Here, I have exhausted, put a tank of water to relax.