How to choose the essence that suits oneself to protect skin?

- Mar 22, 2019-

Type of essence: according to the efficacy of the essence can generally be divided into three types of moisturizing, whitening, anti-aging.

1. Moisturizing essence: the most basic type, can be used at all ages, the role is intensive moisturizing, mainly to solve the problem of dry peeling, dull skin tone.

2. Whitening essence: it is suitable for girls with whitening needs.

3. Anti-aging essence: suitable for light and mature skin that starts to go downhill, mainly to deal with fine lines on the face, relaxation, droop and water shortage.


So which one do you choose?

Get to know your skin type and needs first.

Acne skins, for example, are better suited to products that soothe and improve healing. They often contain ingredients such as salicylic acid, which reduces inflammation, and salicylic acid, which regulates sebum; Dry skin can be selected to prevent oxidative damage, improve skin elasticity, moisturizing hydration of niacinamide or hyaluronic acid and other components.

Tell according to the effect of elite fluid, must pay attention to protect wet all the year round, summer notices to prevent smooth aging, according to need to give attention to two or more things are beautiful beautiful fight old fight wrinkle these functions. Again, don't wait until you're 25 to start using serums. From 18 years old rise, the elite fluid that USES simple to protect wet is ok, begin from 22 years old, use primary fight old elite, arrive after 25 years old, begin to be about to notice to fight old. Skin quality is also an important criterion for selection, depending on the oil dry sensitive muscle these choose different applicable products. Also pay attention to the time period, the applicable time of different products is different.


Is it a mixture of essences or single use?

Do you think if you mix the essence, all the functions of the essence will be gathered together? The active ingredient of essence is higher, the essence is mixed use may cause skin allergy. In most cases, it is ok, but it is not recommended because of the mutual exclusion between different components.

Like the two cases do not add: (1) the same kind of ingredients do not need to add, for example, there is no need to use two kinds of whitening essence, the ingredients may have conflict; (2) biological active components (such as EGF, FGF) had better not stack.

To be specific, recommend a period of time to use the essence of a single effect!