How to choose your bar shampoo

- Jun 23, 2018-

About packaging and preservation: 

OSCARSPA's brand philosophy is to use natural and environmentally-friendly materials to make high-quality products. Therefore, the materials used are all natural. Because the materials are natural, the shelf life of all OSCARSPA products is relatively short. Therefore, it is necessary to quickly use them after buying them. This is also because OSCARSPA insists on the concept of environmental protection, so all shampoos in his house are unpackaged, but it has a small box that is sold separately and matched with the shampoo. If you like OSCARSPA, you can buy 1 or 2 such boxes. Because the bathroom is generally damp and the shampoo is easy to water, I put it in this small box every time I use it and put it on the counter to prevent the shampoo from getting wet.


About using:

The price of shampoo cake is not cheap. When you use it, you first drench your hair, then rub it on your head with a shampoo cake, and you will get a lot of bubbles. So if you save it well, you can still save it. For a while, I can use a piece of shampoo for about 1-2 months. Some people use it for 2-3 months. See the details of everyone's ~

Personal situation: 

The hair is very oily. Basically, you must wash your hair every day, otherwise, you can only get it all together. However, because of the hot dyeing, the tail is very dry. I always felt that my hair should use a moisturizing shampoo, and desperately used a variety of moisturizing funds. The result was smooth, but the hair was even more oily! And especially itchy, itchy, it began to lose hair, feeling that the entire scalp cannot breathe, so the oil head can only then wash your hair. . . . In fact, this is because these shampoos contain the cause of “spiritualism”. The lingering illusions caused by Ling Ling are the most slick. For a long time, Qi Ling can make hair unable to breathe. OSCARSPA's shampoo cakes are preservative-free and non-spiritual. Therefore, people who have just started shampooing cakes with OSCARSPA generally feel that they are somewhat dry. In particular, people with relatively dry hair are more prepared to do this mentally. In fact, individuals feel that they are used to feeling more than a few times. It will be a good feeling, especially if you think that the hair loss situation is reduced. It would be a pleasant surprise. Some people say that this process seems to be smoking cessation.

Shampoo bar juniperberry.png

Ingredients: Lavender Extract Rosemary Extract Lemon Oil Lyme Oil

The first one you use is the purple one. If you go to the OSCARSPA store to tell your clerk about your hair oil, you will generally recommend it first because it contains lavender, lemon, and rosemary ingredients to keep your hair very Refreshing condition balances scalp oil secretion and is ideal for oil skin! The first time I finished the hair feeling super comfortable, the oil heads were worth a try. The fragrance was light and refreshing, but there were also fan reactions that caused dandruff.

Shampoo bar shea butter.png

Ingredients: Shea Butter Oil Camellia Essential Oil Coconut Oil Jasmine Extract Rose Grass Oil Cocoa Butter

This piece is my current favorite! OSCARSPA said that this is a shampoo hair care product, it should be the most moisturizing one of all shampoos. If you are worried about shampooing, you can try this one, this is really a scent too Good smell! The taste of jasmine is really unresistable. Every time you wash your hair, you become very happy. The foam is very rich. You can see the dried jasmine inside. The disadvantage is that it is very soft. When you use it, don't use too much force. Otherwise it will be consumed faster

Shampoo bar clove bud oil.png

Little Red Riding Hood for people with hair loss problems

Ingredients: castor peppermint, rosemary essence, laurel oil, etc.

The famous Little Red Riding Hood, OSCARSPA star product, contains peppermint oil ingredients, cinnamon, and rosemary and other ingredients, ramie and mint can better clean the hair, cinnamon ingredients can stimulate hair follicles, relieve hair loss and find images, usually work and study pressure is too It is very easy to cause hair loss. This Little Red Riding Hood is a hair loss helper. Some people say that Little Red Riding Hood's hair loss caused by hormonal problems is relatively good, especially for newborn mothers who just gave birth to their babies, but others feel that Little Red Riding Hood is a bit dry.


Shampoo bar patchouli oil.png

KARMA KOMBA Harmony (also known as meditation) for the middle / oil hair scalp oil secretion is not balanced

Ingredients: Orange Essential Oil Lemongrass Essential Oil Scorpio Mint Essential Oil Lavender Essential Oil Pine Essential Oil

This shampoo soap is also a lot of people love ah, personal strong push, this is very suitable for scalp greasy secretion of unbalanced people, contains lavender essential oil, lemon citronella oil and other ingredients, can adjust the balance of oil, wash hair is also smooth along But it is fluffy and smells very good. This scent is OSCARSPA's own unique taste, not a very good one, but every time I smell it makes me feel relaxed and comfortable. I like this one. The fragrance person can also purchase a series of products that his family supports!

Shampoo bar cade oil.png

SOAK AND FLOAT scalp people for people with dandruff troubles

Ingredients: Juniper oil Lavender essential oil Rose essential oil Calendula

This white shampoo called him “the scalp man” and the main ingredient was juniper oil. The official website described it as “campfires”. Although it added lavender oil to enhance the taste, it smelled a little strange. , to buy MM to be psychologically ready! The improvement of the main scalp problem has improved dandruff and scalp irritation. I don't have dandruff trouble and I don't like this taste. It's a little cool on my head, but my friend thinks that there is some anti-dandruff effect!


Shampoo bar nori seaweed.png

SEANIK Blue Ocean For people with medium/oily hair

The main ingredients are seaweed, jasmine oil, lemon essential oil, and sea salt, etc.

The main effect of this is abundance, it will make the hair more fluffy, sea salt and lemon essential oil ingredients can clean the hair, and seaweed ingredients can well nourish the hair, blue is very attractive, this is very suitable for hair People who are sparse, wash their heads the night before, and the hair is still fluffy the next morning and will not collapse.