How to get best price for Vitamin C serum from factory

- Apr 22, 2018-

Someone wants to buy a skin care product

She got three offers

The acquaintance offer is $3/set.

The price of confidante is $2.68/set.

Strangers offer $1.99/set.

As a result, she chose $1.99 strangers.

Did not know that the acquaintance only earned $0.2/set;

Compassionate people did not earn a point, but also repaid $0.3 fare;

Strangers earned $1/set! !

Finally, skin care products are fake and shoddy!


Not too much fake, is you too greedy

Not acquaintance kill you, acquaintances want to give you the best protection!

Acquaintance buying and selling, how much money you sell to her, you will feel that you make her money, sell her more than cheap and do not appreciate!

Your cost, time, and transportation are not in your eyes. You would rather be deceived by others, make others make money, and do not support people who know you, because she always thinks: How much did you earn her? Not how much money do you save for her!

If you have such a mentality, then this is the thinking of the poor!

The reason why the rich are rich is that they are willing to take care of the business of the acquaintances and take care of each other. The blessings will naturally be more and the friends will support you. The wealth will only become more and more prosperous!

The reason is simple. This is called cheering! This is the thinking of the rich!


One day you are well-developed, whenever you spend money to ask everyone to eat and have fun, you will find: In addition to strangers, other people are...