How to prevent pores by using retinol serum and peel off mask

- Apr 30, 2018-

However, the small pores of the pores were not sympathetic and blocked themselves through various complicated reasons, resulting in the blockage of pores that everyone liked to see.

Pore clogging is a taboo on the skin! The pores are actually the absorption channels of the skin, the pores are blocked, the skin cannot breathe freely, and it is impossible to absorb the essence of skin care products or masks that you apply. Summarized in one sentence: It was a big deal.

What is the pore

The pores that we often say are the pore-like structures exposed on the grain surface of the skin or leather after the removal of hair roots. It is the common opening of the hair follicles and sebaceous glands, and has specific physiological functions. Among them, the deepest one feels is the ability to excrete sebaceous glands. Secretions.

Why are pores clogged?

1, aging relaxation

As the age increases, the cell's neonatal power diminishes, and the necessary substances such as collagen and pores block the production of rough elastin fibers. The skin is no longer firm, the pores no longer tighten, and the pores block the rough skin. It is easy to form linear raindrop-shaped pores.

2, dry and dry

Pores blockage rough skin cells aging, will inevitably dry and dry, so that lack of skin moisture epidermis, no longer full, long time, naturally more obvious pores, rough and more obvious.

3, slow metabolism of keratinocytes

The old keratin plugs the pores, and the pores are gradually stretched. The skin becomes uneven and the skin becomes uneven.

4. Abnormal oil exit

Pores clog, in order to discharge more fat, the pores will gradually become thick and obvious, and the skin will gradually become rough.

Pore clogging performance

One, incomplete pore blockage

This is what we often call "acne", because the blockage is not very serious, and in most cases the pores are not completely blocked, so we often see some "blackheads"

Second, complete pore blockage

Whiteheads appear on the face, because the pores are completely blocked by dead skin cells. Therefore, the grease inside the pores does not come in contact with air, it does not turn black, it does not form blackheads, but is slightly on the surface of the skin. A white head rises.

Improper crushing sometimes exacerbates the formation of acne on the surface of the skin, sometimes with redness and pain. Incorrect treatment can be aggravated, and even become cysts.

Pore clogging the crowd

1. Adolescents: Due to puberty, the oil secretion is vigorous and cannot be properly cleaned. Dirty things in the mixture of air and grease can easily form blackheads and clog pores. Some poorly-metabolized people do not get the secretion of oil and are trapped inside the pores to form acne. Due to long-term pore blockage, the hair follicles become inflamed and the disease becomes acne.

2, oily skin mixed skin, the same reason as above.

3, remover makeup is not complete: people who do not completely remove makeup, due to long-term residual cosmetics inside the pores, resulting in blocked pores, the same cause acne.

Pore plugging can cause skin looseness and sensitivity

Blockage of the pores promotes the secretion of skin oils and causes the skin to become shiny.

And after the pores are blocked, the skin can not normally absorb nutrients, plus the oil is serious, it will make the skin slowly lose its luster, become dark yellow, sagging, and even wrinkles, stains and other aging problems.

In addition, after the pores are clogged, the skin's immunity and self-healing ability will become worse and worse, causing the skin to become sensitive and fragile. The external environment can easily harm the skin.

Pore plugging can cause acne

Acne is actually one of the symptoms of blocked pores.

Blackheads: Due to excessive cortical secretion, the cortex exuberates and the pores become smaller. And the cheese-like translucent grease plug that is blocked at the hair follicle opening is oxidized and exposed to the outer end of the hair follicle opening to become black, forming a small black spot like the grain size.

White head acne: grain to mung bean size, pustules on the top of hair follicles and papules, pus after viscous, and scars left over.

Pore plugging can cause pimples acne

Acne inflammation continues to expand and deepen, making the color of acne dark red, and there is no pustule state. Touch with pain.

It usually appears as a small, hard, small papule from millet to pea, ranging from pale red to deep red. There may be a blackhead or a blackened sebum plug in the center of the pimples.