How to use the Vitamin C serum

- Mar 24, 2019-

Tell me how to use the essence from two aspects.

1. From the perspective of using steps:

step1:Take out the essence solution about the size of a dollar silver coin, fold your hands and wrap the essence solution around your face, then pat it gently. After five seconds, add a little more essence solution to cover your face

step2:When daub forehead, the direction is by bottom up, with the finger that middle finger and ring finger point to the abdomen to press gimmick gently blend elite fluid into the skin

step3:When using essence fluid daub nose, should notice the direction is from going up downward, the alar place also is same gimmicks

step4:Next reoccupy gently press abdomen of middle finger and ring finger to press around the eye, press gently on the face along hairline finally, let elite fluid be absorbed adequately, hold to this maneuver to still can help for a long time compact send skin


From the perspective of the overall order of skin care:

Cleanser - toner - essence - lotion - cream, That is to say, after using the essence also in subsequent lotions and creams, for example, it's summer, I use the sense of water through the white plastic essence dew the pale spot whitening and hydrating effects are good after essence, I will use this series of water feeling through xi light plastic water curds and sense of water through a white plastic water coagulate frost oh so that the skin can become strong water embellish.


The general method of use of the essence is the five-point method, that is Forehead, cheeks, lower handle, the tip of the nose. Then push evenly along the skin texture.

If it is applied to the area with fine lines that need to be wrinkle-resistant, Smooth out the fine lines first, Then another hand ring finger gentle massage to the skin absorption daub evenly can rub hot hands cover the face, play the role of heating, better skin absorption. After using the essence, use some moisturizing lotion to keep the essence from running away