Introduction of manual Soap

- Aug 23, 2017-

Handmade soap with natural materials, pure hand-made, in the manufacturing process, the saponification of "glycerol" on the skin has a considerable moisturizing effect, and therefore, it not only like the general soap will cause dry skin, on the contrary, can also have curative effect, can be based on each person different skin, add a variety of raw materials.

For example: Add lavender can be anti-inflammatory, shu pressure, promote wound healing, Geranium has anti-wrinkle, acne, oil inhibition function; Chamomile is good for ectopic skin inflammation, itchy skin ... Because of pure manual, it is more convenient to tailor-made according to individual needs.

In addition, handmade soap can be made in accordance with their own ideas to make a variety of shapes, so, often someone to give gifts, according to the recipient of the different, making special belongs to his modeling soap, not to have a mind.