Many make-up creams that crushes use before make-up are not cosmetics?

- May 03, 2018-

Cream function

1, isolated makeup

The skin of a person who wears makeup every day will not be so good. Cosmetic damage to the skin is well known. The role of the cream is to isolate the cosmetics from the skin and to protect the film.

In fact, the cream is an important step in protecting the skin and protecting the skin. If you do not use the cream on the foundation, it will make the foundation block the pores and damage the skin, it is also easy to produce the commonly known as "eat" foundation off.

But do not think that as long as the coating cream, everything will be fine, if you do not carefully remove makeup, clean, the skin will also be damaged.

2, sun protection

Some barrier creams do not have a sun protection function and only have a "dust-proof" effect. However, most barrier creams have a certain sun protection index, so they have a certain anti-ultraviolet function.

3, adjust the skin color

Different skin colors and skin types require different color creams to adjust skin tone. Green Cream is suitable for reddening skin and acne skin. Contrast with the reddish skin, green and blue, make the skin look white. Purple Cream is suitable for yellowish skin and pale skin. The yellowish skin appears dull, with a purple cream to make the skin look bright.