Milder and Greener Solution for New Generation Personal Care Products

- Nov 30, 2017-

“Silicone-free”& “Sulfate-free”Shampoo Patents Map


Innovation Solution

Natural/Mild Formulation

1. Performance:Cleaning and Hair soften, Scalp Care, Antimicrobial and Anti-dandruff

2.  Appearance:Transparence, Viscosity

3. User's experience:Rheology, Foam, Softness

4. Cost

Mild Surfactants Common Amino Acid Surfactants

  1. Emulsifying Ability

  2. Acid Application

  3. Alkaline Application

  4. Cleaning Ability

Basic Amino Acid Surfactants

  • Arginine Surfactant

  • Lysine Surfactant

Neutral Amino Acid Surfactants

  • Sarcosine Surfactant

  • N-methyltaurine Surfactant

  • Glycine Surfactant

  • Alanine Surfactant

Natural amino acid Surfactant

  • Apple amino acid Surfactant

  • Oat amino acid Surfactant

Acidic Amino Acid Surfactant

  • Glutamate Surfactant

  • Aspartic acid Surfactant

Green Reaction Process

  1. High efficiency environmental high salt process

  2. Aqueous phase reaction process

  3. Direct condensation reaction process

  4. Enzyme catalyzed reaction process

Cationic Conditioner

  • Polymer Conditioner:Improve dry and wet combing ability with molecular weight and charge strength optimization

  • Natural Polymer Modification: Cationic guar gum, cationic cellulose and cationic starch

  • Water-soluble Chemical: Alkyl modified cationic moisturizing conditioner

Water-soluble Chemical & Actives

XMulti-functional Scalp Care

1. Balance cleaning and scalp grease control

2. Inhibit Malassezia and protect scalp heath

3. Hair and Scalp Moisturizing

NEW Material in China

Combining Cleaning, Conditioning, Moisturizing and Antibacterial Effect

Thickening and stabilizing system

  • Amino Acids Blends Synergistic Thickening: Study on composition of different carbon chain distribution of amino acids: MS30

  • Polymer filled thickening: Hydrophobically modified acrylic polymer products: Carbomer-500

  • Polymer supramolecular interaction thickening: Telechelic acrylic polymer products: Saltex A10

Polymer filled thickening

  • TC-Carbomer 500 is Acrylic acid (/C10-30) - acrylic ester crosslinked polymer. Aiming at optimize crosslinking degree and hydrophobic modification, to provide proper viscosity, thermal stability and excellent suspension performance in mild amino acid formulations.

  • Thickening Mechanism: Polymer chain swelling in water/ Anionic charges repel each other and stretch /Interaction between hydrophobic groups and amino acid surface active micelles.

  • Features: less foam, easy to disperse.