Secret moisturizing cosmetic ingredients- Hyaluronic Acid

- May 02, 2018-


Natural moisturizing factor

Compounds containing amino acids, sodium lactate, and urea are highly hygroscopic and can regulate skin pH and maintain normal keratinocyte function.


Hyaluronic acid

Has a very strong water absorption capacity, can absorb more than a few times its own moisture, in a short period of time so that horny moisture filling. Making elastic fibers and collagen in a water-filled environment is more moisturized and elastic than the skin. It is the most powerful ingredient in the moisturizing aspect of nature.


Mineral organic active factors

From mineral water, it is closely related to the arrangement of skin cells, which significantly promotes the synthesis of keratinocytes, and the intercellular lipid synthesis is increased by 13%. It also has significant effects on soothing sensitivity and anti-aging.



Hydrolyzed Collagen

The macromolecule collagen is hydrolyzed into small molecules. Supplements 17 kinds of amino acids that are beneficial to the human body, maintains the integrity of the stratum corneum's moisture and fiber structure, improves the skin cell's living environment and promotes the metabolism of the skin tissue to achieve the effect of nourishing the skin.



The most common moisturizer, suitable for all skin types, is safe and does not cause sensitive discomfort. However, the moisturizing effect is not outstanding. If used alone, it is best to pay attention to the forecast of the humidity in the weather forecast. Only if the humidity is above 50%, can glycerin absorb moisture directly from the skin.


Almond oil

Good penetration, enhance skin moisturizing effect. Moisturizes and softens skin It is resistant to UV damage, has a soothing effect on the skin, and is effective for acne, anti-aging, and soothing of sensitive.


Algae Extract

Rich in minerals and vitamins, it has excellent affinity with skin, powerful moisturizing and repairing functions, and can also improve skin immunity. It is also an excellent ingredient for anti-aging.



Hawaiian fruit oil

Contains palmitoic acid and a variety of fatty acids, with excellent permeability and moisturizing effect.


Jojoba Oil

Does not contain unsaturated fatty acids, fresh, non-sticky, tasteless, easy to penetrate, good skin-friendly, water retention capacity of 8 hours.


Amino acid

It has high water absorption, but its content will decrease with the decrease of moisture in the stratum corneum, so it is also necessary to supplement amino acids during hydration. No other moisturizers have high water absorbency but have a regulating effect on moisture. When the moisture content in the stratum corneum decreases, the amino acid content also decreases, so the addition of amino acids is necessary. Sensitive to soothing is also good.