Simple bubble bath strategy - a good time alone

- Dec 07, 2018-

Simple bubble bath strategy - a good time alone

The happiness in our lives comes from the small details that make ordinary life no longer boring.

Rush about tired beautiful girls of a day, if return a home to still be faced with trivial domestic work or as before depressing life, so go home this word also appears to have no vitality no longer happy at this moment, be inferior to taking a moment to relax oneself in bath crock, enjoy the kind flavour of next home in the bathroom that is full of mist

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Bubble bath is not confined at clean body, it is an activity that can alleviate pressure to be able to cheerful mood already more, and accord with the nature that girls love illusion completely, let you take a pink bubble in bath crock, making romantic dream

life is lived, How can you fill your life with happiness and make bathing more than just a bath? Get some tips and enjoy every minute of it.


Bath Bomb

Bath salts, to an explosion in the water, like a volcanic eruption of the emitted gases, it contains natural essential oil, water will dissolve quickly, like effervescent tablets after impact itself has no bubbles, usually colored bubbles, bubble out of water and its own color, a variety of colorful color dream, sometimes accompanied by natural dried flowers, filled with fragrant oil moisten

Interstellar Bath Bomb

Bubble bars

Bubble bath bar, suit to have the girl of dream bubble bath plot, put bath bar into bath crock or showerhead, bath bar can melt slowly, change into gorgeous bubble, at the same time the natural plant essential oil of all sorts of different curative effect in bath bar also can meltwater slowly, aroma 4 overflow, whole bath process is like dreamlike unreal

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Bath Salts

With bath salt, bubble bath can let the skin surface and pores of dirt are removed, after besmear gently massage the skin purify is corneous, can also choose to bath salt into bath, using the permeability of salt, deep into the skin, promote blood circulation, metabolism, and have the effect of skin strong and handsome, and with light fragrance alleviate the fatigue of the day

Bath salt is mainly composed of natural herbal sea salt minerals and plant essential oil and other components, rich in calcium, iron, selenium, magnesium and other trace elements required by the human body. Long-term use can eliminate melanin on the body or acne in the north, so that the skin can be fine, white, tender and smooth



About water temperature, some people like hot water, some people like warm water due to the role of physiological conditions,40 degrees is an important limit,37~39 degrees of water temperature for the body stimulation is small, at this time the parasympathetic nerve will play a relaxing role, and if the water temperature exceeds 40 degrees will enter the excited state

Bath time length should be decided according to water temperature, 20 minutes or so are enough, had better not exceed half an hour, otherwise, time is too long to be able to use up physical strength instead, make fatigue feels come back, bring about hypoxic ischemia of heart-brain even.

What should notice is to eat hind blood concentrates in the digestive system, bubble bath can affect digestion right now, after the meal two hours had better not enter the bath. Similarly, after strenuous exercise, blood is concentrated in the muscles and should not be bathed.

See this you have heartbeat ah, go up in the job overworked one day you after exhaustion also should enjoy a rare and carefree loosen time well. Remember that life is your own and have more fun. Find a time to get rid of the dull shower. Throw the bosom of bath crock, enjoy a person's bubble bath time well~

Of course, if someone you love can take a bath with you, it's a lot of fun.