Super sweet valentine for you

- Jan 29, 2019-

Today is the day to brainstorm for those in love, compile a gift list, toss it to your partner for homework, or pick a gift for yourself

OSCARS, Is the foreign trade company that makes cosmetic, protect skin, protect hair, clean face has, and still support custom-built, fragrance, shape, package to be able to satisfy your requirement to wait a moment, come, for you, for the person that you love custom-built unique valentine's day gift, belong to the sweetness between you.

About bath bombs:

Bubble ball depend on nature to extract sodium bicarbonate and citric acid in mixed to produce carbonic acid gas, carbonic acid can promote skin blood circulation, strengthen metabolism of skin, effectively remove waste, in addition, bubble ball after completely dissolved, bubble ball of essential oil in the bathtub completely dissolved every drop of water contains the abundant essence, also sending out the faint scent

OSCARS’s eight bath salts

Rose nourishing bath salt ball: when a rare rose fairy;

Lavender soothing bath salt balls: break the "difficult to sleep" dilemma, enjoy a good night's dream;

Sandalwood soothing bath salt balls: empty all the confused thoughts, almost meditation; Jasmine moisturizing bath salt ball: the original skin really can be as smooth as silk;

Grapefruit purification bath salt ball: clean every inch of oily skin, eliminate edema;

Lemon vitality bath salt ball: fresh fruit fragrance makes every cell full of vitality;

Ocean comfortable bath salt ball: the power from the sea, maintain the most perfect skin moisture ratio;

Honey milk bath salt balls: the luxury of honey milk bath, can now enjoy the experience.

About bath salts:

Cleanness is the basic effect of bath salt, the grease that can go up to the skin and bilge dissolve and clear, let the skin keep clean, and because bath salt is grainy, so the clean effect of bath salt can compare bath dew better, still can clear bilge in pore, let the skin maintain clean, pore maintains patency.

Bath salt contains calcium, stick, magnesium and other trace elements, long-term use of bath salt can remove the melanin in the skin, brighten the skin tone, make the skin more and more white, but also can dilute or even remove the skin spots, make the skin more and more white and tender.



Bath salt has a more important effect is sterilization anti-inflammatory, can kill the bacteria on the skin, and inhibit the breeding of bacteria, protect the health of the skin, avoid external bacteria damage to the skin, some bacteria caused by skin diseases can also be alleviated by bath salt.

So the OSCARS can bring you health and love.