Ten thousand words of love are not its favorite!

- Dec 14, 2018-

Bubble bath is a kind of illicit close decorous enjoy away because no matter you are decorous arrive what level, it is you are stealing the thing that happy, this kind of person understands the life, have an attitude.

Bath Bomb Starfish, Bath Fizzie

After a hard day's work, I feel hollowed out! Life after work, do not want to socialize with all kinds of people and things, the most hope is to go home to completely relax, and bubble bath is the best way to relax the pressure of office workers!

Big Blue

Make a lot of bubble in bath crock, make whole bubble bath process becomes an unusually romantic dream. And bubble bath still can promote haemal circulation, have the effect that raises color beautiful skin, promote Morpheus quality to a certain extent.


Winter temperature is lower, the metabolism inside the body is slow, let a person spirit indolence plus at ordinary times idle at motion, do not have the opportunity to perspire, the toxin accumulation inside body, cause the problem such as puffy skin color is dark and heavy comfortable bubble a hot bath, can let the toxin inside body excrete as sweat body;Bath often, also have very good effect to purify acne

Cheer Up Buttercup

As a busy office worker, I haven't enjoyed my time alone for a long time So, starting today, it is better to a bath bomb (explosion bath salt, bubble), at the moment a bubble bath to stage, so the charm like a sweet love going on with yourself a cylinder with hot water level high appearance can also eliminate fatigue bath salts, 10 to 25 min is good (time shoulds not be too long), the bath directly into a force of things, This is even better if you add a bath salt pellet.


Bath Bomb

A bath salt ball, like an effervescent tablet, will immediately explode when thrown into the water, dyeing the water into color. The main ingredients are the natural pigment sea salt and essential oil fragrance

Explosion bath salt can play the role of disinfection, sterilization, deodorization, softening and improving water quality, beautifying muscles, etc., and bath salt pellet is rapidly and violently decomposed in water, thus improving the emotional appeal of bath and enhancing the fun of bath salt bath


Each explosive bath salt directly into the bathtub has its own unique lines and colors, a variety of, and often updated, a combination of colors, tastes, and shapes so that the bath with a small expectation has become a grand ceremony in life