The origin of the Golden mask legend

- Aug 23, 2017-

Gold can be worn as an ornament, or used medicinally, in the past thousands of years ago, the use of gold in addition to this can also be used for beauty, legend in ancient times, Egypt after the golden love, not only because it is a symbol of wealth, but also because it has a "magic" beauty effect, can let a woman eternal youth.

The Empress of ancient China once had a special palace cosmetology method, often uses the gold wheel to carry on the facial massage.

Ancient books record, "Gold" has the vibration spirit, the bone marrow, Kone five the pathogenic effect. At the same time have antioxidant effects (for aging skin) because the skin aging is the process of oxidation. "Gold" also has the role of anti-inflammatory healing (for acne, acne skin).