Use different face serum for four seasons

- Apr 23, 2018-

Summer moisturizing blind spot TOP2

As the temperature rises in the summer, the oil secretion of the skin becomes more and more white, so many people feel that your own skin is plump and plump, and there is no need for moisturizing. Oh oh yeah, the amount of oil out of the skin and the amount of moisture in the cuticle is sufficient, there is no absolute relationship! Therefore, it is still necessary to adjust the moisturizing product according to the skin condition.

Seasonal moisturizing blind spot TOP3

There is nothing wrong with replenishing water, but for dry or very dry skin, your skin is not only lack of water but also lack of oil. In other words, you need to add oil while supplementing moisture. Then, when you choose a product, you first need to choose a suitable dry skin. At the same time, the texture of the product should be a little thick, and it should be a little oily and moisturized on the skin.


Beautyrest Truffle Light Conditioning Essence 120ml: Soothes tight, dry skin without irritation to the skin. It can help balance the pH value of the skin, maintain the natural balance of the skin, make the cleansed skin return to the moist state, and better absorb the follow-up skin care products. The main function is to adjust the skin condition, make the skin exquisitely rejuvenated, it can quickly replenish the water in the bottom of the muscles, help to reform the texture, and condition the skin. It is an ideal skin care product.

Summer is a period of high incidence of skin allergies, many people like to bring a bottle of mineral spray, dry skin at any time out to spray a spray, relieve discomfort. In fact, this may instead dry the skin's original moisture. Instead, it is better to apply a hydrating mask containing hyaluronic acid regularly to allow the skin to drink enough water to soothe the skin.