use horse oil shampoo or argan oil shampoo

- Nov 10, 2017-

Horse oil was first marketed abroad as medicine and food, especially Japan. Horse oil is steamed (horse collar) fat, dissolved, squeezed juice, with paper and filter, made of horse fat crude oil, and then use the method of steam medicine refined from the modern horse oil. The real horse oil temperature as low as the lard into a solid, high temperature into a liquid, high fat, can not be directly skin care products, the skin can not be absorbed. There are a lot of additives that can not be said to be effective at all, but the effect is not so powerful, not purely natural, and the effect is very slow. No legend so god!

At present, only this United States Crocodile Moroccan 100% Glycerin can have such a high effect! But the same thing fire, fakes more, in order to map cheaper Taobao can find many brands, but really used a pure glycerin friends do not try to see that true and false, the first is the color, Taobao A Glycerin is light yellow, smells oil or light oil, light on the skin will float on the surface, the skin is still very greasy massage, it shows that there are animal oil and chemical doping oil, if the good luck with the skin do not Good is not bad, bad luck can imagine the consequences.

Genuine glycerin, was yellow, shiny golden color, smell a little nutty plant, dripping a drop in the back of the hand, not to extend, can feel the spread of the liquid warmth, gently massage until absorbed, the skin will be Soft and tender, no trace of greasy feeling, it is only very moisturizing effect! Because it is a natural effect will not be immediate, if you can quickly figure out the effect of the inside, you dare to continue to use it?

Horse oil has the effect of treatment of scars, a sister, gave birth to baby, that belly with zebra-like, others recommend her to use horse oil, spent more than a month has no effect, after consulting, said to have to continue with a bottle In order to see the effect, she insisted on this bottle run out, because the waist circle pattern, wipe the bath every day can not take long, to say the effect is very good, really a little biting feeling, a little effect Nor it, look carefully before and after the use of photos may seem a little bit more contrast!

She tangled in whether or not to continue to buy horse oil, she knew Moroccan Argan, but people's thinking is the big names, celebrity endorsements, beautifully packaged, the network crazy pass will be easy to use! "A glycerine" was not known before, is it effective? After all, the Moroccan imports, the quality is guaranteed? Will all kinds of excessive? N multiple questions in my mind, worry about hovering, friends open the phone to browse the feedback picture contrast, abounding renderings give her itch ... ... turn some pictures go home to consider. In the evening she turned on a serious study of every image, and for the art student she was able to tell if the picture was over the eye. Baidu about the information on glycerin, a little bit of understanding, the hearts of small concerns and fears and that look forward to the gentle and tender waistline excitement so that she told friends a long time ago a bottle of glycerin try . On the day she received her glycerine, she suddenly thought about whether to make a contrast first and see if the effect was really better than that of horse oil. She only touched the stomach half a day, and for the next three or more weeks, the effect was seen. The red mark of A glycerine obviously turned pale pink, hand touch up like a ditch-like skin is not so obvious, and now with two bottles, the original red pregnancy Chen pattern has become very light white, belly smooth, Uneven already gone, very happy! The face of the skin with more than a month after the pregnancy Chen Mei also gone, many bright and transparent, the makeup also showed exquisite makeup.

I also used horse oil for half a month, it was my first bottle of glycerin run out, waiting for the second bottle in the process, every morning to see the dry skin, a little worried, she talked with friends after she Just bought a horse oil cut out to give me some use, my skin is not a bad situation, only the season is dry, with no more than two weeks moist, morning still dry to see the pores. I still like my argan oil, I can touch my foot from the beginning. Although it is more expensive than horse oil, it is expensive and valuable. After all, it is pure and natural, so why not choose it?