What do you know about serum

- Mar 30, 2019-

There is the skill in the mix of essences

1. Look at functions

The elite fluid of different function is mixed when building uses general according to the following this order: leading elite - fight old elite - beautiful white elite - protect wet elite - prevent bask in the elite - before makeup elite. Additional, the elite that local use (wait like eye ministry elite) also can undertake daub for many times in local. Reasonable mix and match order can let elite fluid get better to absorb, accomplish make the best use of everything really.

2. Look at the texture

In general, small molecules are better absorbed, while larger molecules may take up the absorption channel. Accordingly, also should follow a molecule when using elite from small to big mix build order, use the elite fluid with the frivolous quality of material first below the circumstance that the function does not conflict, reoccupy quality of a material more viscous elite fluid.

3.look at the skin

This one principle basically is aimed at oily skin and blain flesh, this kind of crowd should notice to mix the amount control that builds elite fluid to be in reasonable limits, avoid to let skin nutrition too exuberant, bring about grease, on the contrary, secrete in great quantities.


The sequence of use of the serum

Specific in protecting skin step, how is elite fluid used? The principle is very simple actually, elite fluid is used commonly after clean face and makeup water, before latex. Of course, if it is an essence with better effect of high VC concentration, such as MartiDerm's widely sought after "SKIN COMPLEX little black bottle", it should be used directly after cleansing to avoid affecting the absorption of VC due to the damage of the acid and alkali environment of the SKIN caused by the lotion, which weakens the effect of the product.


The essence of the application skills

Be specific to daub elite fluid on, also have the skill to follow. When using a certain essence, you should first rub and heat your hands, select an appropriate amount of essence, heat the essence with the temperature of the palm of your hand, then evenly apply it to your face, and massage it in a gentle way according to the texture of facial skin to ensure that the essence is fully absorbed by the skin.
Proper use and precautions of the essence:

1.   can not replace the use of eye cream: When applying the serum, try to avoid the area around the eyes, especially the eyelids.

2. Don't go straight to the face without warming up:The essence is a high-concentration nutrient substance, do not directly daub on the face because of the fear of waste, it is recommended to preheat the palm to the same temperature as the essence and the palm, and then evenly daub on the face where it is needed, to take the form of pressing and fingering to promote the absorption of the effective ingredients in the essence.

3.    Don't go straight to the face without a test: It is recommended that people with red sensitive muscle test their tolerance behind their ears before using the essence. If there is no skin problem within 24 hours, feel free to apply it on the face.