What is difference between moisturizer, face serum and cream

- Apr 24, 2018-

First, the function of cream and sunscreen

Cream function

The cream is more focused on the effect of brightening and modifying the skin tone, preventing dust, light, and radiation in the air from harming the skin.

Strictly speaking, the barrier cream should be a makeup product. It is a kind of makeup primer before it was used to prevent skin from being damaged by cosmetics.

Therefore, the main function of the cream is to isolate the contact between the makeup and the skin and protect the skin from harmful substances in the cosmetics. As a make-up base cream, make-up cream can also make makeup even more delicate.

The main function of serum

The main function of face serumis to resist UV rays in the light, minimizing irritation and damage to the skin. Sunscreen products on the market today are mainly divided into two types, one is a chemical sunscreen product, and the other is a physical sunscreen product.

Physical sunscreens and chemical sunscreens were previously mentioned by Anna to the pile. Physical sunscreens contain titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, etc. These ingredients are laid on the skin in the form of granules to form a thin film that reflects ultraviolet rays. Advantages: Low sensitization, less photo-degradation damage to the skin, and relatively thick and greasy disadvantages;

Chemical sunscreen also forms a thin film on the skin, but its role is to absorb ultraviolet rays to prevent ultraviolet rays from entering the bottom of the skin. The texture is relatively thin.


Second, the use of cream

After the above analysis, we know the main functions of sunscreen and cream. According to different functions, we can clearly know the correct use sequence of sunscreen and cream. As a makeup primer, makeup is used to make a primer, which not only cuts off contact between cosmetics and skin, but also makes makeup easier. The sunscreen should be placed in the last step, in the outermost layer, to achieve the effect of UV.

Third, the use of sunscreen and cream

Many people do not understand the use of sunscreens and creams. They are all smeared and circulated like emulsions. Therefore, it is easy to cause uneven application and white marks.

Applying sunscreen and cream must be done with a gentle press and tapping method. This method of sunscreen is not only uniform without leaving any traces, but also prevents muddy mud phenomenon.


Fourth, the difference between sunscreen and cream

The main role of sunscreen is to prevent UV rays, where spf stands for UVB resistance and pa stands for UVA prevention. The sunscreen value of the barrier cream is generally not high, and the sunscreen in the formula is not as comprehensive as the sunscreen.


V. Under what circumstances use cream and face serum

Cream is generally isolated from the skin and the dirty air, sunscreen and radiation protection, but the sunscreen is generally lower than the sunscreen, so do not need to seriously when the sun is generally directly after the basic skin care cream smear on OK. When the UV rays are strong (such as summer), sunscreen with a certain sun protection factor needs to be used to increase sun protection after the barrier cream.

If you stay indoors throughout the day, you can use sunscreen cream instead of sunscreen. In particular, white-collar workers who are often faced with computers must do a good job of isolating radiation. At this time, the choice of cream is very important.

Remarks: In fact, sun protection work needs to be done all the year round, as long as it stays outside for 1 hour it is necessary, but isolation also has a certain sun protection effect, but it is not so targeted, so the use of isolation under ultraviolet light is not strong.

Six, sunscreen and cream should be used enough

Whether it's a sunscreen or a lotion, use enough amount to exert their usefulness. The international regulations stipulate that the minimum amount of 2ml should be used for the entire face, and the size of the one dollar coin will probably be squeezed out. If you do not use enough, then the sun protection value can not only drop a little bit, may spf50 sunscreen, and finally play out the sunscreen value is not spf15.

Of course, there are many people who misunderstand sunscreens:

Myth #1: Ultraviolet light is very intense only at very hot temperatures.

Reality: Ultraviolet rays do not produce heat. When you climb a mountain, you will get more and more cool, but the ultraviolet rays will become stronger. Every 1000 meters upward, the ultraviolet rays will increase by 10%. The same is true in the sea. The sea breeze makes you feel cool. However, the ultraviolet rays at this time have reached a very strong level.

Misunderstanding 2: When the clouds are thick on cloudy days, ultraviolet rays will not harm the skin.

Reality: Clouds do not have any isolation from ultraviolet rays, and 90% of ultraviolet rays can penetrate clouds. Only heavy rain clouds can block some ultraviolet rays.

Misunderstanding 3: The higher the coefficient of sunscreen products, the more beneficial to the skin.

Reality: The higher the sun protection factor, the more sunscreen you add to your skin.

Misunderstanding 4: After the sunscreen is applied, it will produce sun protection.

Reality: Since active ingredients in sunscreen must penetrate into the stratum corneum before they can exert long-term protection effects, they must be tested in advance for 20 minutes before going out and supplemented every 2-4 hours to achieve the best sunscreen efficacy. .

Myth 5: Occasionally applying sunscreen several times will not have much effect on the skin.

The real situation: UV damage is cumulative, although it is only indirect exposure to the sun, the damage to the skin will accumulate for a long time, but a long time will cause the skin to become dark, the face appears spots, the skin loses its elasticity, produces wrinkles , aging and other phenomena.