What trouble is bubble bath cannot solve without what trouble! If so, that's bath bomb that you didn't pick!

- Dec 20, 2018-

Imagine, a beautiful bubble ball is put in warm bath crock, the rich bubble is sweet fragrance and the color that girl's heart explodes even if be a female man, also can be bud instantly become small public affairs? What stress can't be relieved? From a scientific point of view, it is said that the amount of dopamine produced by bathing is directly related to love. So, in other words, there is nothing that can't be solved by soaking in a bath.


In order to create a better bubble bath atmosphere, incense candles and music is a must. Today, I want to focus on the topic of the bath bomb,

I think really love bubble bath you, must not miss the bubble ball! One is because their appearance level is too high ~~ 2 because they still took into account the function such as color aroma, and a lot of bubble ball also can add protect skin composition ~~ so, I just can feel bubble ball is bubble bath first selection.

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Bomb cosmetic Lush and so on. For a bit more exotic, take a look at some of the niche products I'm going to tell you about.

OSCARS is a Chinese brand, specializing in the production of bath and body care products and skin care products customized platform, their bath salt balls are pure handmade, although is a young brand, but will bring you to surprise Their bath salts modeling changeable, cartoon, round, heart-shaped, lovely, fragrance.


For example, Jelly donut bath bomb added to skin care essential oil and bath salt, sweet jam taste, let a person in the bath, there is a kind of satisfaction and happiness to eat dessert, bubble a bubble of skin is good, will not get fat!

There is Splash Color Marble bath bomb modeling is much cooler than the dessert modeling bubble ball introduced above, which also contains skin care oil to become soft and the most important thing is that each bubble ball will bring you a surprise after it is dissolved! A bit like a fortune cookie, the contents of the cookie are more exciting than the cookie itself!

READY TO SHIP - Jumping Dolphin Bath Bombs

"Bling Bomb Candy Bomb" "Bling Bomb Candy Bomb.

If you want to go to the seaside for a holiday but have no time, choose Sea fresh bath bomb so that you can also experience the pleasure of a seaside holiday at home.

In addition to good-looking and pleasant smell, these bath bombs have many functions, such as whitening, moisturizing, exfoliating and beautifying, such as BREATHE bath bombs, which relax you wholeheartedly, allow your skin to BREATHE freely and make your skin soft and smooth as a baby.


Bath bomb makes you feel loved no matter which kind.

Did today's presentation catch your fancy? You might as well get rid of all those annoying social interactions and take a long bath this weekend!