Why do we add preservatives in face serum, peel off mask and essential oil

- Apr 26, 2018-

1, cosmetics in the production process, if the equipment, the environment and other cleaning and disinfection will not lead to microbial infection.

2. Cosmetics will be contaminated if they are in a microbiologically intensive environment during use and storage.

Many raw materials for cosmetics are nutrients for the growth and reproduction of microorganisms. Under suitable temperature and humidity, these microorganisms that find hotbeds can grow and reproduce in large quantities, and the ingredients of cosmetics can be metabolized through a variety of hydrolytic enzymes, thereby causing odors. Color and viscosity change in an unfavorable direction.

Therefore, in order to ensure that cosmetics are safe and effective during production, use and storage, one or more preservatives must be added to cosmetics to protect the product from microbial contamination and extend its service life.