Why red bloody skin will find you? These 5 groups are easy to get red blood

- May 07, 2018-

1, long-term exposure

The intense ultraviolet radiation destroys the stratum corneum, making the capillary tolerance beyond the normal range, causing the capillaries to expand and rupture, and the symptoms of red blood cells appear.

The long-term exposure to high temperatures has caused the continuous expansion of capillaries. In addition, pyrotechnics is also a significant stimulus to capillaries and facial epidermis. This is also obvious.

2, professional factors

3, high sensitive skin

Sensitive skin has a thin stratum corneum, which results in repeated congestion of the peripheral blood vessels and expansion of the blood vessels.

The main component of the skin rejuvenation product, "Acid Acid" or "Hydroquinone," repeatedly irritates thin, delicate skin, leaving the unprotected dermis exposed and forming red blood cells under external stimuli.

4, beauty skin

5, personal habits

Like to eat spicy, addiction tobacco and alcohol and telangiectasia are also closely related to the incidence of these factors are some irritant factors, easily lead to increased inflammatory response and allergies, thereby increasing the capillary damage and expansion.

Red blood silk repair liquid

Main components

Horse chestnut extract, purslane extract, sunflower extract, witch hazel extract

The main function

1. Repair faded red blood

2. Supplement skin nutrient loss, enhance skin's toughness and elasticity of blood vessel wall

3. To appease the sensitivity caused by the uncomfortable

4. Continuing use can make the red blood cells hide and make the skin evenly look healthy.


After evening cleansing, apply a proper amount to the face and gently massage.

Applicable packaging materials

Glass bottles, acrylic