Amazon Australia

- Dec 13, 2017-

According to Citi, the $ 500bn e-commerce giant has the first purchase orders in recent weeks.

Citi said: "Amazon's entry into Australia has added to the risk of short-term margins losses for retailers in Australia because price is a key strategy for Amazon, with two of Amazon's three key strategies (category and delivery, only going over time Development) has no advantage in the short term, so we expect Amazon's product prices to be very competitive in order to increase sales by then. "

Citi estimates Amazon's impact on retailers in Australia will be in the second quarter of 2018, when total sales will reach 200 million U.S. dollars, accounting for 0.2% of Amazon's annual retail sales.

Analysts said Amazon expects to maintain a strategy similar to other sites to deliver the lowest-priced products on the market.

It said: "This may arouse the reaction of existing retailers in Australia because they were beaten by Amazon prices during the Christmas shopping season."

Citi believes some retailers, including JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman and Myer will be affected if Amazon Australia starts product sales during Christmas.

Amazon Australia domain name:

When did Amazon launch in Australia?

According to Ladd, Amazon plans to put its flagship Australian site up and running by the end of 2018. At present, Amazon Australia station has been partially on the line, some high-quality sellers have received the invitation and registration, proving that now closed beta stage, will soon be open

So what about Amazon Prime

Ladd confirmed that Amazon will launch the Australian version of Premium Now, a service that offers members faster shipping and other benefits.

Amazon set up in Australia on the seller what impact?

First of all, Australia is a country in the southern hemisphere. At the same time, he and some customs in the United States are similar because Indigenous peoples are Indians, of course, Australia is also a country with many Chinese people. Compared to other small language sites, Australia is a good direction for development, because English common.

Second, since it is the southern hemisphere, the season is just the opposite. The northern hemisphere is winter, the southern hemisphere is summer.

Fourthly, if you have both Australia and United States stations, there will be no off-season argument because one off-season is the peak season on the other and the two complement each other and the off-season factor that can be considered is reduced. Seasonal products can be sold again through the channel.

Fifth, eBay threshold in Australia is relatively high, not easy to apply to join. Amazon is relatively more popular with sellers than eBay, and his application is relatively simpler.

Sixth, with the change of VAT policy in European stations, the seller's European site is facing the danger of being shut down. At this time, the Australian station is out to give another platform for many sellers.

There are already sellers now asking how to transfer U.S. cargoes to Australia.