Beyond Beauty ASEAN Bangkok,your Gateway The Southeast Asian Beauty And Cosmetics Markets

- Oct 19, 2018-

This year, Beyond Beauty ASEAN Bankok(BBAB) expanded rapidly given the immense support shown by the industry from Thailand and across the region. IMPACT Exhibition Management is very excited to be involved in this successful project that is already the leading beauty trade event in Southeast Asia.

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Oscars Cosmetics Company as exhibitor that manufactures daily hygiene and skin care products such as essential oils, Vitamin Serum, Bath Bombs, Hand Sanitizer, Shampoo bars, argan oil shampoos, body washes, facial mask, and soaps. We believe Thailand is an important market due to its geographical location, and proximity to other global markets. 

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BBAB is a great opportunity to promote Thailand as ASEAN's Health and Beauty hub, as well as to elevate the level of knowledge of the industry, so as to fulfill the needs of the world market which recently has a market value of more than 15 billion USD or 7% of the world's cosmetics market.

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This year during BBAB 2018, for the first time launching two shows under "Beyond Beauty ASEAN Bangkok" - "BBAB finished products" and "BBAB Supply Chain"。 Bring together a total of 850 exhibitors from China, Korea, Poland, Germany, France, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore, BBAB is now able to serve the entire cosmetic production chain in terms of showcasing the most innovative brands and products as well as latest beauty technology.

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BBAB continue to invest in Southeast Asia with "VIP buyer programme". A group of 200 buyers from  Vietnam, Philipines, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Singapore and Malaysia are joining BBAB for product sourcing. At least 1800 meetings are expected to be held.

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Once again, this is the first time that BBAB launched an educational programme on the "Cosmetic trends in emerging Asian markets: China, Thailand and Indonesia". BBAB is now bringing a wider perspective across the whole. Ms Yoyo Liang, our CEO has been invited to sharing her professional and experiences during the programme.

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Oscars Cosmetics Company owns Obsi, Oscarspa, Shine a Light, Duoya specialist in manufacturing cruelty-free, paraben free, allergy tested and non-comedogenic products. Our brands strive to maintain the highest quality and standards that our loyal clients and customers have come to expect from our company over the years.