Cosmobeaute Indonesia 2017 International Exhibition On Beauty, Cosmetics, Hair, Nail & Spa

- Oct 11, 2018-

As a cosmetic factory from China, Oscars Cosmetics Company is happy to be able to take part as one of the supporting company in Cosmobeaute Indonesia 2017 as this year marks their 21th edition of the exhibition. As we played role in promoting and developing skin care products, this exhibition helped our cosmetic OEM service and Oscarspa and Obsi brands to expand further into the Indonesian's market.

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Oscars Cosmetics Company provides a wide range of products and services to the beauty market worldwide including formula developing, OEM/ODM/OBM service, packaging design, DDP shipping, marketing and more. We are here to assist you in finding the right brand and service with reliable beauty product manufacturer.

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Oscars Cosmetics did the first partnership with Cosmobeaute Asia in 2016, this year in 2017, we moved forward to Indonesia and in conjunction. We successfully invited many clients to China Pavilion, which showcased the latest cosmetic trend, skincare products and technologies from China. 

We were happy to facilitate this networking opportunity from Cosmobeaute Indonesia to connect more Indonesian beauty business owners with Oscars Cosmetic Company to expand the bath bomb and skin care market for China-made beauty products.

Based on the BPJS data in 2016 processed by the Ministry of Industry, the cosmetic industry, including toothpaste in 2015 the export value of US$ 328,787,035 and in 2016 increased by 9% to US$ 359,108,676. In general, the government has targeted investment in 2017 of Rp.670 trillion and in 2018 of Rp.840 trillion where industry growth in 2017 is targeted at around 5.4%.

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Through Cosmobeaute Indonesia, Indonesia beauty market has managed to get new and secured major members, the most important is Cosmobeaute Indonesia develops the entire range of beauty and skin care products in Indonesia. 

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Oscarspa is a professional brand for hair care which believes in the perfection of nature and is committed to preserving it through its pure and natural products. Our formulations are devoid of chemical surfactants, preservatives, petroleum derivatives and artificial colorants. All our ingredients come from a guaranteed production chain and are processed without using chemical substances. We have exported argan oil shampoo and conditioners to United States, European, Southeast Asia, Australia and South American for many years.

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Oscars Cosmetics Company is a China natural cosmetics manufacturer. Our products combine nature's best with achievements of new technology. They are enclosed in beautiful, good quality and eco-friendly packaging. In our products such as Vitamin C face serum, argan oil shampoo and bath bombs, you will find ingredients which are most efficient and at the same time, are safe even for the most sensitive skin type. The large number of satisfied customers is the best evidence of the high quality of our products and service. 

Hopefully, Cosmobeaute Indonesia will continue to improve its shows. We are looking forward to many years of partnership between Cosmobeaute Indonesia.