Detailed Process Of Skin Care OEM Service

- Jan 11, 2018-

1.         Raw material preparing, stirring and mixing

The first step of black charcoal mask OEM processing is get all materials ready, mixing, homogenization in workshop, and then poured into the reaction bowl, we have 500kg and 1000 kg reaction bowls, main function of reaction bowls are Stirring, based on our the formula of black mask, more like making cake without process of ferment.


2.         Emulsification (water and oil)

As cosmetics are emulsified out, there are two types, water and oil, the raw materials were evenly mixed separately, after that doing homogenization by using pipe, , high-speed mixing and cutting, to perfect mixed.


After mixing, you can add a variety of active substances, essential oil and fragrance, and finally cooking process is finished. The next step is cooling and filling of a small bottle, all the bottles sterilized from equipment.


3.         Filling

Filling process will be different depending on the type of packaging, OEM cosmetic factory are all using efficient automatic filling machine for black mask filling process.


For skin care products, some natural formula or special-purpose skin care products we don’t add preservatives, we have strict standard for environment, equipment and management, we have a good production workshop environment.


Our GMPC standard factory with entire seal asepsis production workshop, we are able to deal with all kinds of cosmetic order.