Enjoy Life In The Bath

- Nov 28, 2018-


Enjoy life in the bath

I don't know if you can do this, after a busy day, don't want to eat, don't want to play mobile phone, just want to sit there alone, don't talk, just in a trance.

That you might as well try, put on a crock of hot water, a person is a quiet lie in water, forget the child works and all vexed thing, in the warm bathroom that is full of mist, use favorite slow flavor, deserve to go up again slow music.

MAGIC IN THE AIR moon bath bombs

Adding rituals and relaxation to your routine can really make you fall in love with life again, and hopefully, these little things will take care of every minute you take a bath.

1.      Bath salt

Bathing is not only for ease of equipment but also for cleaning the bath salt is essential.


I love sprinkling salt in the tub, feeling the harsh particles slowly melt under me, and making it a lot more fun.

You also can rub skin gently to grind chamfer, let your skin become smooth slowly in water, exquisite, can feel the whole person looks brand-new after washing.


Light girl pink satisfies all your wishes for a little beauty.

Bath crock is dyed by bath salt pink tender, see so young girl the color of spring again, again much fatigue also can disappear into thin air.

If you're afraid that bath salts are too harsh and will make your skin sensitive, this tea oil blend will moisturize your skin.

The bath salt ball of my home makes a heart shape, can put directly in bath crock, petal flutters, bath salt sinks, bubble bath becomes wonderful.

2.   bath bomb

If you want bubble bath more profusion is colorful, that must not miss bath ball and still very convenient, change immediately in order to put bath crock bubble and optional and super much, the style is pleasing, use feeling also full mark to bubble bath with it, aroma still can diffuse in the air, imagine, you can have much sweet.

When you sit in the water and throw in a bath ball, the color and smell explode and your skin itches like a soda.


And the color that blooms instantly makes you feel like you're in the universe.

The ocean.


Cost of collecting Is really full of girl's heart.

There is even a gold-covered ball that can feel like a queen at home.


If what trouble is such a bath cannot solve, that is probably the end of the world.

In order to live, we have been in chaos, smile into the expression, sadness is only hidden in the heart, we gracefully maintain the illusion of a happy life, finally have a breathing space also let yourself a small holiday.

In the refrigerator ice a whole pot of honey grapefruit tea, the kitchen Gollum gollum stewed soup, eat a bite is the center of the watermelon, leisurely relax to give yourself a bubble bath time you unconsciously raise the corners of your mouth, think, my life is very beautiful.