Guangdong & Macao Branded Products Fair

- Oct 15, 2018-

Brands of personal care and cosmetic products are turning to the Macao for business growth, with Branded Products Fair Macau presenting the ideal gateway to the entire region.

Exhibitors from as far away as Indonesia and Vietnam to Australia or the USA, are setting their sights on a Macau market where consumer spending on personal care and cosmetics continue to rise.

obsi products factory.jpg

Bath, shower care and hair care was the largest product category by value last year according to statistics, followed by body care, nail care, baby products, sun care, and depilatories. 

Obsi face wash.jpg

Oscars Cosmetics is one of 350 companies exhibiting this year, and while it specializes in skin care, it's also introducing its entire portfolio of sun care products under the brand name Obsi.

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CEO Yoyo Liang, said 2018 is the second straight year for Oscars Cosmetics at Branded Products Fair Macau, as the company continues to build on its solid distribution network across the wider region.

Obsi sunscreen.jpg

"Branded Products Fair Macau is for us the key that opens doors to the region," said Yoyo, "the exhibition manages to attract attention and raises expectations in this area, which is the main aspect we have taken into consideration."

Obsi factory.jpg

Personal care is one of six dedicated product groups at Branded Products Fair Macau, with the others being Hair, Nails, Cosmetics, Skincare and Spa & fragrance.