How To Choose Cosmetics?

- Aug 23, 2017-

The most important thing to choose skin care products is to see if the quality is guaranteed plant, brand name is a reference factor, but the key to see whether his product components contain flavors, preservatives, pigments, animal ingredients, whether through the skin test, at the same time to pay attention to product certification and production license, in order to prevent counterfeiting, and secondly, learn to identify the quality of cosmetics.

From the appearance of recognition: Good skincare should be bright color, elegant and soft. If the color is dark and muddy, the depth is different, then the quality is a problem. If the appearance of turbidity, oil and water separation or the appearance of floc, paste dry shrinkage has cracks, it can not be used.

Odor identification: The smell of skin care products are elegant, some strong, but are very pure. If there is a pungent smell, then it is a fake or bad product.

From the sense of recognition: take a little skin care lightly smear on the body, if you can evenly attached to the skin and have a smooth and comfortable feeling, is the texture of fine cosmetics. If the smear after the rough, sticky feeling, or even itchy skin, dry, it is inferior cosmetics.