Mask Skin Care Small Knowledge

- Aug 23, 2017-

Apply mask Some important process can not be ignored:

1. Before applying the mask, you can massage the skin slightly, accelerate the blood circulation and promote the absorption of ingredients. After applying the facial mask, massage the skin again, with the help of the abdomen massage, let the skin soft, the nutrition "push" into the skin.

2. At the end to apply the emulsion, lock moisture, to avoid water loss.

Want to play the best effect of mask, pay attention to the following points:

1. Can be before bedtime, wake up, when bathing mask, these three time period the absorption of the strongest skin.

2. Before applying the mask to the dead skin, clean the dirt and wash the face to enhance the absorption ability of the skin, after washing the face in the state with a point of moisture on the above film, absorption of the role will be better.

3. It's best to lie down when applying a mask.