The 48th China International Beauty Fair Opened Today

- Mar 12, 2018-

The 48th China International Beauty Fair opened today


Today, the 48th China (Guangzhou) International Beauty Fair was held in the exhibition halls A, B, and C of the China Import and Export Commodity Fair in Guangzhou and Nanfeng International Convention and Exhibition Center!


This year CIBE will set up an over 300,000 square meters of large-scale indoor exhibition space. By then, there will be 3,800 participating brand companies from 26 countries and regions. It is expected that over 910,000 visitors will gather together. At the same time, this exhibition covers the fields of daily-use lines, professional lines, and supply lines, and covers the whole industry chain. The core points of the 2018 US industry trends revealed by the show are particularly worth our attention:


Which direction will the marketing upgrade go?


1. Cultural sympathy: The change of the world outlook, life outlook, and consumption outlook of the consumers that the US industry needs to face.


2. Fan Marketing: To capture traffic outlets, fan marketing is reflected in entertainment traffic and social traffic.


3. Product Strategy: First-line brands are no longer doing pure brand advertising rather than brand advertising. Instead, they use a branding strategy that incorporates entertainment traffic to give more consumers brand communication.


4. Consumption upgrade: The essence of consumption upgrade is divided into four categories: 1 The consumption upgrade must be the upgrading of the brand side; 2 the upgrade of the product side; 3 the upgrade of the sales side; 4 the upgrade of the supply chain side.



What will the beauty industry do in 2018?


1, the United States must think about the transformation of the industry, from the beauty industry into a sub-health conditioning center, post-natal rehabilitation center, men's health living in three directions.


2. Item design should be carried out in accordance with the specific process: 1 solution to sub-health conditioning; 2 physical conditioning before pregnancy; 3 post-partum rehabilitation; 4 body management; 5 chest health care, scientific beauty.


2018, what kind of vision does the beauty industry need?


1, Lower MOQ Cosmetic OEM.


2, user operation thinking. In fact, all Internet thinking is based on users. The core of user operation thinking is to study how to extend the life cycle of users.


3, operational thinking. Even if you have tools and thinking, but you don't have operational talent and don't know how to use data, then it's called numbers. So be sure to have your own operating team.


4, Internet thinking. Artificial intelligence, AR, and blockchain technologies are all tools that the US industry needs to use in Internet thinking. The US industry needs to integrate with the Internet.


What are the five core areas in the cosmetic industry?

1.      Internet transformation; 2. Pan-Beauty industry; 3. Product upgrades; 4. Consumption upgrades; 5. Technology beauty


What are the top 5 products in 2018?

1.      Bath bomb, 2.Vitamin C serum, 3 Aragn oil shampoo, 4 Beard oil, 5.Charcoal Mask